Surviving Breakups and Separations

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Surviving Breakups and Separations Course (5 Hours Course and interaction) helps you develop the skills that you need to develop to condition yourself emotionally and physically to move on from a breakup or a separation, resolve the conflicts going within yourself, overcome sad moment and be happy once again in life.

Course Objectives

The course helps you:

  • Decide if you should end things with your partner
  • Discover the many lessons from your relationship
  • Understand the true purpose of relationships in life
  • Learn techniques and skills to cope with the break up
  • Rediscover your joy and happiness
  • Get inspired and excited about life after your breakup
  • How to be emotionally ready to let a new partner come in your life

Who should take this course

  • Anyone who has recently separated or have had a breakup
  • Anyone who wants to move on from a past relationship
  • If you are tired of the pain caused by your existing relationship
  • If you think your partner is not ready to commit, causing pain to you
  • If you have been on and off with your relationship
  • If you aren’t happy or satisfied with your relationship
  • You should NOT take this class if you are only looking for general information on relationships


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