Supply Chain Risk Management (Self Paced)


    Supply Chain Risk Management course (3 Hours, followed by an assessment for Certification) aims at enabling you learn to Minimise Disruptions, Reduce Risk and Make your Supply Chain Resilient.

    Objectives of the Course

    On the completion of the course, you should be able to:

    • Manage risks and reduce the effects of disruptions in your supply chain
    • Meet the needs and expectations of your customers and partners with more efficient Supply Chain Management
    • Determine, implement, and monitor an optimal mix of measures to avoid, defer, reduce, or transfer all relevant end-to-end supply chain risks.
    • Develop, execute and implement a 5-step risk management process for the Supply Chain you are managing
    • Develop and implement a Predictive – Proactive SCRM methodology.
    • Build supply chain security through capability development and dynamic security management capabilities.

    Who Should Take This Course

    • Any student or a working professional who wants to gain an understanding of risk management in supply chain
    • Anyone who wants to explore various strategies and best practices, tools for identifying and managing risks, and tools for planning and analysis
    • All supply chain professionals working in roles which include developing and implementing risk management plans for Supply Chain

    Course Curriculum

    Introduction to Supply Chain and Basics of Risks
    Different facets of Supply Chain Risks
    Risk Management Process
    External and Internal Risk Drivers
    Risk Assessment and Treatment
    Monitoring of Supply Chain Risks
    Supply Chain Risk Prediction and Management
    Supply Chain Security
    Assessment for Certification

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