Stress Management : Ways to Live, Laugh and Love


    With the professional and personal lives being too paced these days, quite a few of us face a lot of stress in life, both at personal and professional level. Most of us have forgotten to live, laugh and love ourselves and people around. This course is run by a renowned Stress Management Counselor to help you with Stress Management and let you know 40 Ways to overcome stress, rejoice in life, live it, laugh, love others and be loved.

    This course is born out of dozens of interactive workshops, where real people had personal action plans set up for them to help deal with pressure and stress. Course covers proven 40 ways to deal with stress management at various levels in personal and professional life.

    Who Should Take this course?

    • Anyone who feels stressed due to personal and professional reasons
    • Anyone who wants to proactively keep stress levels under control
    • Anyone in the field of human behavior and stress management

    Objectives of the Course

    • To help you understand the types of stress and their cause
    • To help you know different stress relief strategies
    • Enable you to apply 40 ways of stress management in your life
    • To help you make a personalized action plan to overcome your stress

    Course Curriculum

    What is Stress
    Why we feel Stress
    How do you Deal with Stress
    How do you Deal with your emotions
    What is Physical Stress
    Stress Diagnostic Test
    Cognitive Stress Management
    11 Cognitive Relief Strategies
    Cognitive Relief Strategies Test
    Physical Stress Management
    11 Physical Relief Strategies
    Physical Relief Strategies Test
    Sensory Relief Management
    9 Sensory Relief Strategies
    Sensory Relief Strategies Test
    Emotional Stress Management
    11 Emotional Relief Strategies
    Emotional Relief Strategies Test
    Your Personalized Action Plan
    Concluding Session and Final Request

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