HR Analytics Certification Course


    HR Analytics Certification Course is meant for all the Human Resource enthusiasts out there and professionals who wish to build a fast paced career in Human Resources Domain. Key Highlights about HR Analytics:

    • McKinsey Global Institute estimates that the US alone faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 into HR Analytics.
    • Three in four companies (75 percent) in a recent Deloitte study believe that using analytics in HR is necessity now.
    • Average annual salary for HR Analytics professional is $25000 outside India and more than INR 18 lac in India

    What is HR Analytics? 

    Human resource analytics is an area in the field of analytics that refers to applying analytics study to the human resource department of an organization for improving employee performance and therefore getting a better return on investment. HR analytics does not just deal with gathering data on employee efficiency. Instead, it aims to provide insight into each process by gathering data and then using it to make relevant decisions about how to improve these processes.

    Who Should Take this Course?

    • This course is meant for everyone who is interested in Human Resources Field and wishes to build a career in it
    • Anyone who wishes to explore opportunities and career in HR Analytics and How Data Analysis plays a critical role in the growth of organizations
    • Everyone who is already in the education but would like to build up their career early in Human Resources
    • Students who are before or after graduation
    • Students who are in the final year of their studies and trying to find an internship or graduate job in Human Resources
    • Experienced HR professionals who are willing to change to Analytics Profile
    • Everyone who would like to improve their chances in HR job applications
    • No prior knowledge is needed

    Course Curriculum

    Role of Analytics in Human Resource
    Overview of HR Regulations and Reporting Requirements
    Introduction to HRMS/HRIS
    Analytics Tools and Techniques for HR Professionals
    HR Analytics - Hands on Training
    Predictive Analytics
    Creating business understanding for HR initiatives
    Using the Analytics Process Model
    Forecasting budget numbers for HR cost
    Predictive Modelling in HR
    HR Measurement
    Effectively Presenting HR Data
    Case Studies for HR Analytics
    Practical and Hands On Project

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