Introduction to Data Science (Self Paced)


    The course is to help you get introduced to the gigantic opportunities’ world. The course enables you to learn how to obtain, explore, model, and interpret data using Data Science. 

    The course covers the necessary tools and concepts used in the industry, including machine learning, statistical inference and much more.  The course introduces to the entire process for data science projects and the different roles and skills that are needed. You get to learn the basics of obtaining data through a variety of sources, including web APIs and page scraping. In addition, you get to know how to use tools like R, Python, the command line, and spreadsheets to explore, analyze and evaluate data.

    Who Should Take this Course?

    • Anyone interested in Data Science
    • Anyone interested in a Data Scientist career
    • Managers and Mid level professionals who want to have a basic Data Science Understanding
    • Software developers or programmers

    Course Curriculum

    Data Science Overview
    Careers in Data Science
    Roles in Data Science
    Big Data : Programming and Statistics
    Ethics in Data Science
    Data Sourcing: APIs and Exploration
    Knowing Spreadsheets
    Programming: R
    Programming: Python
    Programming: SQL
    Algebra : System of Equations
    Calculus and Big O
    Bayes probability
    Applied Statistics : Hypothesis and Validations
    Introduction to Machine Learning
    Decision Trees and Ensembles
    k-nearest neighbors (kNN) and Naive Bayes classifiers
    Artificial Neural Networks
    Developing Interpretation and Actionable Insights
    Communicating the Data Evaluation

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