Certified Beginner in Project Finance

Certified Beginner in Project Finance is the Must Do certificate course for all the Finance Enthusiasts out there. The aim is to help the participants of the course start understanding the following:

  • Systematic approach to assess project finance transactions
  • Recognise the key characteristics of a robust project and identify the weakest links in the transaction
  • Know the qualitative and quantitative tools to distinguish and measure the key risks
  • Interpret the risks to determine their severity and potential impact on the transaction structure
  • Appreciate the mechanisms in the transaction documents to protect the creditors and evaluate the protection
  • Build a credit rationale in order to make and substantiate investment decisions

Who Should Take this Course?

  • This course is meant for everyone who is interested in finance education and financial careers
  • Anyone who wishes to explore opportunities and career in Project Finance and is still to become proficient
  • Everyone who is before choosing a career in finance and would like to explore the career options and available opportunities
  • Everyone who is already in the education but would like to build up their career early in finance
  • Students who are before or after graduation
  • Students who are in the final year of their studies and trying to find an internship or graduate job in finance
  • Experienced finance professionals who are willing to change to a financial industry from another sector
  • Everyone who would like to improve their chances in financial job applications
  • No prior knowledge is needed
  • This course is probably not for you if you are not interested in finance at all


Course Curriculum

Introduction to Project Finance 00:00:00
Sponsors of Project
Characteristics, Structure and Relationship of Sponsors 00:00:00
Project Investment Criteria
Measures Used by Investors 00:00:00
Measures Used by Lenders 00:00:00
Project Structure and Quality
Project Vehicles and Role of Parties Involved 00:00:00
Jurisdiction, Legal and Expert Reports 00:00:00
Project Information Quality 00:00:00
Risk Assessment
Completion Risk 00:00:00
Operational Risks 00:00:00
Macro Risks 00:00:00
Debt Structure and Services
Debt Structure and Term Sheet 00:00:00
Debt Service 00:00:00

Course Reviews


4 ratings
  1. Profile photo of admin

    Took this after Financial Derivatives and like it, even Project Finance was well taught. Thank you.

    – Abha Mehra

  2. Profile photo of admin

    High quality explanation of the concepts. understood them real well.

    – Ajay Gupta

  3. Profile photo of admin

    Loved the Project Investment criteria modules. Well explained.

    – Ayush Saxena

  4. Profile photo of admin

    Will surely recommend to my friends and colleagues.

    – Rakesh Srivastava

Instructor Details

CFA Level 3, MBA in Finance from NITIE Mumbai, B.Tech from NIT Jaipur. Associated with multiple companies like Yes Bank, Axis Bank, Futures First, Trust Group; across the profiles like Financial Advisory, Debt Syndication, Structured Finance, Fixed Income Trading. Teaching is a passion for Saurabh which he loves doing along with this job.