Certified Business Process Mapping Associate (Instructor Led)


    Certified Business Process Mapping Associate is the certification course to help you learn and develop holistic Business Process Mapping and be Certified Business Process Mapping Associate.

    As a Certified Business Process Mapping Associate,  you will be able to map any business process, define landscape, identify process improvement opportunities, understand the process mapping life cycle, learn difference between process, work, activity, function, understand what is value added activity.

    Objectives of the Course

    You will be a Certified Business Process Mapping Associate at the end of the course and on successful completion of assessment. As a Certified Business Process Mapping Associate, you will be able to

    • Map Any Process in less than 10 Steps
    • Understand practical definition of process which you can ALWAYS apply
    • Differentiate process from work, activity, task and function
    • Learn Process Mapping Life Cycle
    • Perform process gap analysis and identify process improvement opportunity
    • Know minimum number of Process Mapping Symbols required to map any process
    • Know different Techniques used during Process Mapping

    Who Should Take This Course

    • All professionals who aim to grow their career in Business Process Improvement and significantly improve productivity
    • Anyone who desires to improve process outcome of any organization or his/her own business
    • Business Managers and Operation Managers looking out for a strong career in Supply Chain Management

    Course Curriculum

    Overview of Certified Business Process Mapping Associate Course
    What is a Process
    What is Process Mapping
    Understanding Process Hierarchy
    Understanding Process Taxonomy
    Process Mapping Life Cycle
    Process Mapping Symbols & Template
    Map As-Is Process
    Analyze Process Gap and Identify Opportunity
    Map To-Be Process
    How to Implement Improvement Projects
    Process Mapping Techniques
    Assessment for Business Process Mapping Certification

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