Certified Beginner in Digital Marketing

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Certified Beginner in Digital Marketing is a certification course which will help you get a high-level understanding of Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing. These are the skills which a Digital Marketeer of today needs to take informed decisions and strategize online marketing efforts for the organization. This certificate is the mandatory stepping stone for every beginner who is looking at building a strong career in Digital Marketing.

Who should take this course?

  • Fresh graduates
  • Marketing Enthusiasts
  • Business owners
  • Web Designers
  • Web Marketers
  • Professionals in their early career
  • Marketing Professionals

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Digital Marketing
Overview of Digital Marketing 00:00:00
Careers in Digital Marketing 00:00:00
Search Engine Optimization
What is SEO? 00:00:00
How Does Search Engine Work? 00:00:00
Positioning of Results through SEO 00:00:00
SEO for Startups and Small Companies 00:00:00
SEO for Large Companies 00:00:00
Social Media
Importance of Social Media 00:00:00
Different Users of Social Media 00:00:00
Areas of Business Impacted by Social Media 00:00:00
Social Media for Startups and Small Businesses 00:00:00
Social Media for Medium Businesses 00:00:00
Social Media for Big Businesses 00:00:00
Introduction to Twitter Marketing 00:00:00
Introduction to Facebook Marketing 00:00:00
Significance of Social Media Check Ins 00:00:00
Introduction to PPC 00:00:00
How PPC Works? 00:00:00
What is PPC Cycle? 00:00:00
PPC for Small Companies 00:00:00
PPC for Medium Companies 00:00:00
PPC for Large Companies 00:00:00
Lead Conversion Optimization
Introduction to Lead Conversion 00:00:00
Understanding Customer Interests 00:00:00
Customer Segmentation 00:00:00
Communicating with Customers 00:00:00
AIDAS 00:00:00
Lead Conversion and Online Marketing 00:00:00
Web Analytics
Introduction to Web Analytics 00:00:00
What is Web Analytics? 00:00:00
Why and Where to Use Web Analytics? 00:00:00
Content Marketing
Introduction to Content Marketing 00:00:00
Content Marketing for Startups and Small Businesses 00:00:00
Content Marketing for Medium Businesses 00:00:00
Content Marketing for Large Businesses 00:00:00
Opportunities in Content Marketing 00:00:00
Mobile Marketing
Introduction to Mobile Marketing 00:00:00
Mobile’s Fit in Marketing Mix 00:00:00
What is Mobile Marketing? 00:00:00
Opportunities Mobile Marketing Can Generate 00:00:00
Concluding Session
Quick Revision and Test Instructions 00:00:00

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MBA, XLRI Jamshedpur. Working with Amazon, Bangalore.