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GrowthEX is an online learning platform, aimed at courses for K-12, Entrance Exams, Certifications and Up Skills for working professionals.

Platform acts as a 2 way learning marketplace, enabling instructors to host the courses on the platform and enabling the learners to discover and access the Online Courses of their choosing.

As of today, GrowthEX hosts more than 400 courses, delivered by more than 120 instructors in 4 languages.

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GrowthEX allows the learners to select the mode of the content consumption, viz. Self Paced, Instructor led and self paced but instructor structured courses. Courses are available both on web and mobile.  

GrowthEX overcomes the problem of peer to peer learning benefits which learners used to miss in e-learning, vis a vis offline learning. GrowthEX allows all the students in a particular to interact closely with each other on one to one basis, one to many basis, student-instructor interaction, all through the tools available at the student and instructor dashboard.

This ensures more effective learning outcomes for the students enrolling for GrowthEX online courses.

GrowthEX boosts of highest Course Completion rate across e learning companies, with the number being whopping 88% for GrowthEX, along with the highest time spent on the platform by the users on daily basis. On the completion of the courses, learners also receive special Badges and Certificates (depending on the course) from GrowthEX.

The high course completion rate also reflects the value add which the online courses hosted at GrowthEX have provided to the students.

Learners who want to access the course subscribe through pay-per-use plan, where they pay for the courses upfront and get the access to the paid course of their choice.

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